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5 negative signs that show you’re absolutely right


We live in a world that is run by liars and pretenders full of greed and hate. We live in a time when opportunists thrive while honest hard workers that seek to approach life positively suffer.

This generation is moving with such speed that one does not have the luxury to stop, ponder and weep over failures, but must forge on regardless their circumstances to make their optimism yield fruits.

By so doing, it is only smart thinking for one to resolve to face squarely all the tough challenges, the first being demands to conform to all the queer standards of the people around you, while one buries his/her peace, passion and truth (Which if YOU do is tantamount to gross cowardice); the utmost reason why you must prove the world wrong by being true to yourself.

Cat Lion

If you’re looking to find out if you are following that pure light in life, check with these negative truths and I bet you’ll know that all that’s being said about you is a farce since ‘YOU are YOU!’

And if you’re feeling bad about yourself right now, take a minute to ask yourself these questions… If they’re similar to yours…forget everyone and live your life the best way you can, as long as you do what is right.

Now the IF’s:

If you say exactly what you think of a situation …You’re not a hypocrite

If you tell him/ her in the face that s/he is wrong when s/he actually is … You’re honest

If you point out his/her shortfalls … You’re not a people pleaser

If you stand up for what you believe in … You’re courageous

And If you live your life in the midst of haters … Trust me you are very STRONG!

“We learned about honesty and integrity – that the truth matters… that you don’t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules… and success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square.” ~ Michelle Obama

Stay TRUE to yourself…

Lilly Butterfly

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