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Who is next to Join the Change Makers’ Train?

Cold sweat broke on his forehead in a situation which otherwise should be termed as liberal. Can you imagine that it was just about a man who was exceptionally talented at playing a guitar…in an animation!

You could be saying to yourself that, “I would make tonnes of cash with such a talent!” Really, would you have made tonnes of Cash? You’ll know pretty soon why I asked that question.

So he started playing the guitar and he played and he played! Meanwhile other folks worked worked and worked. The ant as usual packed heaps of food reserves, the millipede plowed the soil and bears filled their tummy to the brim. Just a little inside information here – Bears can go without food for about 3-4 months during their denning period.

Now back to the man; seasons came and passed, with this man playing his guitar to entertain himself and his dog.

Unfortunately, winter was not long in coming, and by the time he realized, snow was flying against his windows. His door was locked from the outside by the hardened snow and he had barely gathered wood to warm the room and worst of all, his cans of beans were all gone!

He began to shiver, amidst the rumbling of his stomach. Once in a while, he would see hare tightly wrapped in his warm fur jacket munching on something and this made him even hungrier.

Now in desperation, he rushed to his kitchen and straight to the trash. He would pick one empty can after another and shake it in hopes to get a bean to satisfy his hunger which eventually he did. He placed it on a plate to eat and within a twinkle of an eye, the skinny starved mouse run across the table and made away with the one last bean at the speed of a rocket. The man pursued it to no avail.  What will happen to this man after the long days of winter? I bet you can guess better than I.

Change 2There are countless of such lackadaisical attitudes parading the street of my dear nation. People playing during working hours or pretending to work when in actual fact ‘ta dah!’Nothing is going on. The only proverb we should be tossing in our minds is “what will become of our future”?

Now a cliché – global investors and local entrepreneurs alike continue to drum into our ears “the factors that amount to the creation of wealth are spread across the length and breadth of this nation”. Talk of skilled human resource, natural resources, mineral resources etc they are not just present but in abundance.

It becomes shameful sometimes when we complain that our energy sector is handicap in the production of electricity as its one of the key factors for production and its raw materials are available in different forms (wind, water, solar energy, bio gas etc). It is even more disheartening to hear the youth cry out for nonexistent jobs. But I would encourage all to look harder as it is possible for them to join the change makers.

Change 1

Well for your information, some have already joined the change makers’ train oo… The PayZone of Ghana made away with the Best Technology of the Year Award outsmarting seasoned competitors in South Africa. 

Did you also hear that Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo has released his latest car called ‘Kantanka Odeneho II SUV’ which does not rely on fuel? “What propels it to action then” Many queried. The vehicle uses multiple batteries! Perhaps he thought of this as an intervention to the fuel power surges.

So you see that that it is not easy, it is very possible with determination, Persistence and Hardwork!

Everyone is looking up to government to create jobs when there are well endowed graduates with expertise across disciplines seated at home a top glaring factors of production. What is happening? We seem to have learned all the things of the European world including the Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA) except the main oil that greases the machines for positive change; industrialization.

I thought that the Vat, Income Tax, Property tax, tolls, tarrifs at ports etc were to help in the development and maintenance of state owned properties, educational subsidies among others yet all we witness is bad maintenance culture as all public structures are in horrible state etc. Now about 7 million Ghanaians making 28% of the population of Ghana live under the poverty line. (This is according to the Ghana Aid Effectiveness Forum, a group that focuses on tracking Ghana’s performance in eradicating poverty and using foreign aid effectively).

We cannot say that this problem started overnight. It actually spans over a long period of not planning and forecast towards the future. If we are not careful to start work assiduously to turn things around, the situation may worsen. Truth be said, the future looks bleak!

Gone are the days that food was nothing to worry about; now for the low income earner, food is as expensive as a luxury.

The largest contributor to non-monetary poverty in Ghana is education, and specifically, household deprivation in primary school completion.

With all the talks of Education comes another issue of non productivity which raises one question – Is our educational system tailored to fix the countries problems? There are pools of graduates who are unable to effectively put their skills to work towards productive ends. For some programmes run in some institutions, there are no corresponding jobs in the country. Other times, the graduate may be very competent but, the sectors they fit in are chocked with older people in that same sector who have not upgraded themselves and thus feel threatened by these fresh minds thus cut them off from the available offices.

The government has a huge role to play here. Why? because, for every group of people with a leader and a goal, the ultimate for all members is to see their leader make a change, a positive one of course and less of redundancy in areas that require immediate action and progress.

Time and time again people have blurted out what they believe can rescue the situation but it falls on hard rocks leaving a clang! in our ears which are already hurting with bad news. People have been yelling “cut off cheap imported products that have flooded our markets to compete with local produce”, others have talked of investing in Agriculture while many more have been shifting attention to technology by way of indigenous assembling of electronic devices with the majority crying out NO Corruption!

Now, who are the people that are involved in this corruption? If it were just Kofi Dubai or Akosua Mali, that would be quite easy to deal with but the hard truth remains that corruption has taken the stance of ‘all hands on deck’ in Ghana. Everyone is doing it in one form or the other. This is why I find it hard to sleep because tomorrow brings more uncertain news of such blunders.

change 3

I do not know about you but like Shakespeare’s Macbeth held … Macbeth has murdered sleep and cannot sleep no more… innocent sleep, sleep that knits the raveled sleeve of care, balm of hurt minds, sore labor’s bath, chief nourisher in life’s feast, death of each days life, second course in life’s feast. ~Shakespeare

Now sleep is a luxury to us all but you know, if we cannot sleep, then in our wake, let us wake up to the reality!

Hard as it seems, let everyone purpose in his heart to establish a firm, patronize local products and if you are a local producer, be meticulous enough to produce quality goods and let us all knock out corruption in its many forms.

Play time is over and the current Ghana needs radical thinkers, entrepreneurs, scientists, educationist, and engineers etc who are ready to work for something to happen (change). Plenty of sacrifice and plenty of hard work is direly needed. But most importantly we need to know that all that is needed to cause this revolution as a nation is imbibed in You and I. So let’s wake up to the call. As are dreams are possible to be realized Long live Ghana!

With all my long talk, it still remains my opinion. So please tell me,

I am a right to say that if you have sleep at all, you’ve got a good thing?

What is the status of sleep in Ghana now?

Who or what is stealing our sleep these days?

Can we have innocent sleep these days?


The ball is in your court now, you can kick it to the rear, to the front, or right into the goal post … Chao!



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