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Has the Independence of Ghana become meaningless?

Enough has been said about the fact that, there’s little to show for 58 years of Ghana’s independence as  the nation has not reached the expected level of development.

Besides the over 30 years of peace the nation has enjoyed, Governments have  been lambasted again and again for bad management, avarice, waste of resources, poor planning, twisted policies among good ones which doesn’t get implemented anyway.


Nevertheless, one thing remains true of us Ghanaians and Africans; we are our own enemy. And that is the key reason why we have not actually attained the level of independence as was proclaimed by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when he declared 58 years ago that, “ our independence is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of the African continent …Ghana my beloved country is free forever”; a declaration that sent a thunderous cheer of hurray!!! to mean that  we will assume responsibility for this country but have we been able to effectively do it?  Sadly no, and I blame you, I blame myself, I blame the current and past governments…everyone played a part in bringing our independence to a snag!

Hence, we cannot say Hurray!! Let alone chorus it with confidence to mark Ghana’s independence because indeed we are not independent! And I will tell you why… Ask yourself why…

  1. We have rich resources that can be harnessed into infrastructure, energy, food, clothing, technological advancement but have not been able to develop or create wealth for the nation?
  2. Why is it that if I, an African do not delight in relishing foreign dishes like burger, pasta, stroganoff etc am tagged a ‘villager’ in my own country but when a foreigner rejects my local dish you go to the extremes to get him his own kind of food which is not even grown here but is easy to find here?
  3. Why is it that my dark skin which is key to my identity as an African is not valued as I find all means to tone my skin to look light-skinned to be acclaimed beautiful in my own country?
  4. Why do I have to go through bureaucratic channels and frustrations just to get documentation to set up a firm in my own country while a foreigner comes for the same thing but is served with documents at a wave of a brown paper as I watch my dream ebb away after tries that exhaust me to my bones and drains the joy and passion from my very soul?
  5. Worst of all, when a foreigner comes to utilize my human resources and mete out inhumane treatment to the children of the land with disrepute but goes free because  if I challenge him my own brother will give me away for money…?
  6. Why  can’t my children speak my own mother tongue (Local Language) yet pride myself in speaking a borrowed language with a fake accent?
  7. Why Why Why????

I have been optimistic about the fact that Ghana and Africa will wake up from her slumber to cherish what truly belongs to her and more importantly assume full responsibility to manage her own affairs as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said on 6th March, 1957…

So much for the expensive independence Dr. Nkrumah and other notables fought for us on the 6th March 1957… But if we as Ghanaians have forgotten the essence of the fight for Independence, I challenge us all that it is about time we listened intently to our patriotic song composed by Dr. Ephraim Amu “Yen ara Yen asaase ni” meaning “this is our own land…” again and start acting now!

Happy Independence Day.


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