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A paradise for Ghana and Africa

Can Africa create her own paradise? Where paradise means creating our own territory, booming our economy, producing and patronising our own commodities, governing ourselves without any hitch etc.

You may be wondering where I’m going with this statement. Well, let me set your minds at ease; if you can spare about five minutes … log on to BBC and read “Riace: The Italian village abandoned by locals, adopted by migrants” Then let’s continue with this tete-a-tete.

You know, Africa by our own ineptitude have started yet another community somewhere in Europe. Yes, in Italy to be precise; which I foresee will emerge into a similar community like Africa Americans in the US and Africans in the diaspora in other places worldwide.

Per the account of the story “Riace: The Italian village abandoned by locals, adopted by migrants,”  this is a neglected town which has being taken over (occupied) by migrants mostly Africans.  Now, in years to come, when the town and its occupants flourish and another struggle for who owns it, and who built it, cum who came to occupy arises again who will you vouch for?

No matter how much I think about it, I cannot entirely blame the migrants who have ended up there, neither do I see myself blaming the owners of the land when in future there is a tussle of the spoils of this ‘ghost town’ because it is our own avaricious leaders who have driven their children out to these strange lands with hardships, wars, hate, injustices.


Let’s ask ourselves, how is it that Europe has been able to build their continent with very little resources to the point that it takes care of them and the masses who have fled Africa to their land.

Isn’t it possible for Africa to build her continent and individual states to the point that, Europe with all its many weathers, most of which force catastrophic events on them, to also look here for solace and greener pastures?

Well, some foreigners are already here; and a lot more are on their way here, but for a different reason – to exploit the continent.

So leaders of our country, politicians and traditional heads, religious heads etc, don’t we realise how much we have failed our own people and left our own children at the mercy of IMF, World Bank and foreign investors to ‘rob’ our own people of our valuable resources?

Perhaps, it is not the foreigners coming here to ‘rob’ us; it is our own leaders (at various levels) who have sold us to so-called investors on a silver platter for their own selfish interests.

The BNI has done itself a lot of good by freeing outspoken Ghanaian – Lebanese pilot and author Fadi Daboussi, because truth be told, Ghana has gone nowhere in 59 years of our independence.

Mr Daboussi, a known critic of President John Mahama and a perceived supporter of Ghana’s main opposition New Patriotic Party and its flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo was picked up on Friday, 23 September at the Kotoka International Airport right after disembarking from an Egypt Air flight from Lebanon.


Mr Daboussi is the author of ‘59 years of Ghana to Nowhere: The future is Now,’ a book that pushes for a change in leadership in Ghana. National Security officers ransacked his house and seized copies of the book.   He was subsequently released on Monday, September 25, 2016.

In fact, we have retrogressed, and the earlier this decline is arrested the better.

So leaders of the country, regional heads, communities heads and managers of organisations, please for once, let us accept the hard truth that we failed and seek ways to fix the degraded state of Ghana, Africa at large by first of all purging ourselves from the greed that is visibly burning under our eyes.

Because if ever the people of black race can raise their eyes to cherish their homeland, then we must redeem ourselves from what errors in the past that has left our brothers’ blood being spilled in America for no just cause; for presidents usurping power in many African countries against the will of the people and quit robbing citizens and stop ‘enslaving us managers’ and trading us to the ‘pales’ in our various organisations because we have done no wrong to you.

Africa needs a paradigm shift in its social, economic, and political development.


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