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The Deep Things Beyond that Skull…

You are cooler than the calm waters;

You embrace all with so much warmth; the strong and weak alike,

From the strong, you had more strength and the weak, what could they possibly have at the time?

It is more like giving yourself away for nothing at all;

Yes, you really don’t ask for anything in return;

it is much deeper than what I see …


You stoop to pick up the broken pitcher;

You put back the shatters from those broken pieces.

Interestingly, you found all the loose pieces, even the tiniest speck,

locking it all back into the perfect piece it used to be;

What a joy to find one like you;

it is much deeper than what I see …


But in the eyes of those outside the circles of your spell,

The story was different!

You looked mean; heartless and cold;

You looked dark, with not much splendour and repugnant!

You wrapped, loosen and floated away like the wind

but don’t worry, that was only in their minds eye.

it is much deeper than what I see …


I have being wondering why it took me so long to understand you.

You gave so much of your beauty out and kept just an insignificant part for yourself.

Who are they to insult you like that!

It broke my heart to hear them share all those false talks about you;

But you know what? You chose to keep it that way because you are selfless;

it is much deeper than what I see …


This is why all in all, I feel proud to point it out to them who you really are;

And truly, you proved them wrong in the end…

Ha ha … How did I know? Because, they all returned with their heads bowed in shame

after meeting you;

it is much deeper than what I see …


When you finally opened your palm to them;

a light revolved throwing its myriad rays of many hues;

A light, so bright that is blinds those who seek to behold its radiance.

The good thing about it is that, you didn’t hold all your awesomeness in

but shared it with me, with him, with her and all the people out there!

That is why I continue to resound that, it is much deeper than what I or anyone sees …


Wonderful people out there, all I wanted to share is that, a personality has got less to say about the outward appearance of a person. What lies within is much greater than what you see without. Thus, let’s not be too quick to judge and turn away people because, before you know it, you may be hosting an angel.

Inspiration ~ Writer has met many people under different circumstances from different places. This came with so many experiences, one of which is a test of true Friendship.

In fact, I have met many hard experiences with its hard personalities but some acquaintances proved to be more than friends. Honestly, if I had judged some from first encounter, I would be terribly wrong, just as I was absolutely mistaken about those I fully embraced, only to realize I was hugging a cactus.

They are quite a number but because I so much treasured them, I choose to keep them in my heart.

Dear friend you are truly treasured…

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