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Who must be the gate keepers against Ebola?

So Africa’s richest has taken a plausible step to invest in the fight against Ebola Fever which is devouring thousands in Africa. The most affected countries remain Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea since Nigeria just got cleared of this dreadful tag.


Mr Aliko Dangote’s gesture is one made to salvage the continent from this deadly viral infection which has rendered the affected countries helpless. As a matter of fact, many theories such as chewing cola nut and bathing with salt water reinforced with prevailing prayers have emerged but failed to prove potent.

Point is, Africa can boast of countless scientists within and outside the continent. Wouldn’t it be cogent for African scientists to come together to research into the root cause of this epidemic and recommend lasting solutions? It is noteworthy to mention that some Nigerian doctors have presented some possible cures to treat this canker. Great move! According to the article, “Nigerian scientists submit 15 Ebola cure claims” from www.ngrguardiannews.com this is a move that has ‘gingered’ the US to work around the clock to save Ebola victims in their country as per recent reports.


This goes to tell Africans that, if we rise to the occasion, Ebola can be curtailed and eradicated thus efforts to research further must be supported by all. It does not feel right that the load is left on the shoulders of Nigeria alone, all African countries ought to support this incredible initiative.

If indeed we are ready to save ourselves from this dreadful attack, we must be determined to address this challenge bearing in mind that, once it’s not completely over, it isn’t over yet. The fact that some Nigerian scientists have dared to find solutions is one giant step but then again, it is always the runner that crosses the finish line that takes the medal.

As it stands now we are looking at all other places and people to salvage the situation whereas the actual victims, ourselves look on helpless for others to come to our aid. The thought of lives already claimed by Ebola and unknown numbers yet to be recorded in the future if we don’t halt it, must motivate us to work assiduously to stop the spread of this disease.

It is sad to hear many people blame the western world for hoarding the Ebola antidote, to such ones it’s a big shame as WHO promises to release vaccine which their boss has sacrificed to test on herself prior to the release of the vaccine… But with all the whining and blah blah one thing remains an indisputable truth to the question,- who suffers more? it is definitely The African… What if WHO wakes up one day to say that they changed their mind on releasing the vaccines to Africa, does it mean that the entire continent which is rich with all manner of resources will perish?

It’s about time Africa arose and manifested her worth and proved herself accomplished. It may not be that simple but if we do not persevere in our endeavors the result is lucid, we never breakthrough from our ill-state. Bet you know this latin quote, “Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis -Not for you, not for me, but for us.” Let’s Stop blaming others and take charge of our own situation. It is possible for us to redeem ourselves, may be not today or even tomorrow but I challenge us all to change our attitude and work to change our situation, it is absolutely possible!

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