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Tragedies are not common to only Africa

The belief that Africa is cursed has become a thought making rounds for decades and regrettably, some Africans have embraced this fate.

Mustapha Jimah’s article titled ‘Is Africa a cursed continent?’ suggested that the havoc wrecked by Al Shebab, Boko Haram, inter-tribal, political conflicts among others plaguing the continent makes him wonder if the continent is not cursed. I find this viewpoint intriguing, hence my contribution to the debate.

Indeed, the attack on Westgate Mall by Al Shabab in September 2013, the kidnapping of over 200 innocent girls in April 2014 by Boko Haram, Burundi political unrest, xenophobia attacks in South Africa, migrants drowning at sea and other news which feature Africans as the main victims leaves much to be desired.

But contrary to the thought that Africa could be cursed, I think that Africa is blessed! And like the 90’s cartoon Captain Planet will puts it, “the power is yours!”, in our case “the power is ours” to make the best from the continent.

It can be recalled that the once popular Al-Qaeda launched series of suicide bombings and other threats in the US while the now deadly Isis poses even more dangerous threats in our time.

Change 2

The recent bloody massacre of journalists in France over Charlie Hebdo publication made headlines globally leading to protests against Moslem extremism in many countries.

Teenager shooting class mates, dates back in America’s history with the recent being February, where the culprit after the deed took a ‘selfie’ with the victim according to What can be termed more evil than this yet Europe, Asia and other continents have not claimed these evils as their fate.

Honestly, Europe, Asia, Americas etc unlike Africans, have winter to worry about as it kills many poor people who may not be able to afford protective clothing and the necessary gadget to stay warm.

Stormy days can turn as bad as the devastating tornados, Tsunamis, and earth tremors that has caused untold misery on Asians with Nepal having to deal with another earth tremor just 2 weeks after a recent occurrence that led to a death toll of over 8,000 people according to BBC.

Africa on the other hand, enjoys favourable weather which when properly managed must be gainful in all respects; farming, energy, crafts, development, just to mention a few.

I do not deny that the African continent has gulped down tonnes of innocent blood, but those that remain have as duty, to manage the prevailing crippling situation coupled with mismanagement in all areas and at every level.

That is exactly why I agree with Mustapha’s point on, the Western not helping Africa in resolving some of these challenges citing instances of unfair trade practices. Trade between them and African states as much as possible ought to be done in fairness to yield relevant and sustainable development and employment to curtail migration to Europe for greener pastures.

I also support the recommendation that, European countries refrain from keeping the ill-gotten wealth of some of these leaders. Instead of making their banks safe haven for these corrupt leaders, the West should rather sanction these leaders and confiscate the huge investments they make in foreign countries. These corrupt leaders must be made to bring back the accumulated wealth to be harnessed into the development craved by the African.

So to answer the question ‘Is the African continent cursed?’ The answer is NO; all that is required to transform Africa is a change of attitude… right from our leadership down to the child in the crèche.

I will sign off here screaming aloud to the cherished people of Africa to Stop the wars, Stop the corruption, Stop irresponsible behaviours and Stop over dependence! One love Africa …Peace!

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