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Where Monkey and Bread Co-exist

Today our journey takes us to the north of Ghana. Precisely, to a wonder tree, which is well known for its gigantic nature and its upside down tree look when it sheds its leaves in the dry season; the Baobab tree. Even though the Baobab tree (AdansoniaDigitata) is scattered all over Ghana, its dominance in the Northern Upper East and Upper West Regions makes the savannah zone ...


Incredibly Inspiring Names From The Volta Region Of Ghana

Learning is said to be effective when carried out from the known to the unknown. For instance when teaching a typical African child about four legged animals, begin with what he/she sees in their environment like dog, cat, sheep before teaching them about bears, dinosaurs, lemurs etc. This provides the child with something to relate the new concept to thus enhancing the learnin...


Introducing Java Hill: An African Journey – A Historiography of Ghana

‘Java Hill: An African Journey’ unravels the conflicts and relationships between Europeans and Africans in Elmina, Ghana and the  journey of one family through the  Transatlantic Slave Trade, colonialism and the challenges of post-independence Ghana.  T.P. Manus Ulzen carefully pens a powerful and highly interesting book that narrates the story of an ancestor of the aut...