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New Year Resolutions; Guarantor of Effectiveness – Proven Or Unproven?

We are almost starting a New Year and I can feel your enthusiasm to achieve so much more in 2014 than the previous year. Another thing is that, you may be tempted to scribble something to tell off the many peoples who may be bothering you with “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” But quite frankly, this has little to do with what people will ask you and more of how muc...


360˚ Stress Cure on Christmas!

Christmas in Ghana comes with so many twists – Busy shopping sprees, outings, live shows, keypad tones of all kinds thanks to ‘What’s up and SMS’, and the coolest of all is the fancy dressed kids but there are some not so cool activities in between though, like murdering innocent fowls and stuff like that. For you in particular, it’s all like the most unlikely hap...


Anthills or Sand dunes – Long Lost Tales from the Heart of Africa

Ever gotten into the mood of hunting for treasure? Perhaps Never, yet it’s not all about the feeling. It’s about travelling back in time to save one of the things that mattered to the African – The black relics. Fortunately, the blue print is right here, found on a dusty patched canvas which bore a tale you probably haven’t heard in your life and would have been for...


African Up Do… Top 5 Questions Men Ask

Africa is endowed with many things including one that is so much closer to our skin than we can think; the afro natural hair of the African woman. Westernised up do was rated top notch and glorified in the 21st century and has ever since remained very popular in African fashion. Well, having enquired from many quarters, these are 5 things men say about the artificial hair (weav...


Injustice Masqueraded by Culture -The Trokosi System

Africa is swarmed with manifold cultures some of which either differ or are similar to the other. The culture of a unique group of people is largely influenced by their historical background as well as other vital aspects such as literature, rites of passage, art, craft, religion and so much more. Question is, are all cultures worth preserving? Ritual servitude as practiced i...

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It Don’t Matter If You Ignore Them- Believe It Or Not You Need Them

Being aware of the fact that Agriculture is one of the less thought of sector in Ghana, I would plead your indulgence to take just a minute to read the enlisted queries below; What are the sources of foodstuffs for your nourishing meals?  What are the sources of products that fought your cracked skin and moisturized it?  What is the source of sweet coconut juice that quenche...