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Monthly Archives: March 2014

When The Challenged Excel Just As Any Other

The medieval times in Africa marked a dangerous era for the disabled child. Mythical stories and theories by oracles branded the disabled (physically, nervous, intellectually challenged) as a child of a river (river goddess). Such children were either left at the river banks to be devoured by a wild animal or in the deep forest to perish.   The bitter sweet message for the...


Stories & Children: A Whole Lot to Learn About Culture

If you are a Ghanaian in the Diasporas with a family you started there, then your little ones are the reason why I write this short piece with so much love. Tales play a pivotal role in culture. Since time in memorial, stories have served as an effective tool to socialize young ones in their traditions. In the past, storytelling was prominent in society and children could barel...


The Only Child Left To Be Rescued

Long long ago when Africa was deemed to be a hinterland, I was there and enjoyed a presumed protection from my supposed mother of same age as me. She called to me across the tigress (Another child acting as a tigress in the game) who stood right in the middle of the road. I tactically planned my escape from this heinous tigress that was ready to pounce on her prey (in this case...


Ghana at 57- A Big Joke!

Wow, Ghana is 57 today! Is this ceremonial day braced with satisfaction and pride or does it bring us the cherished people of Ghana the consciousness that really we are currently in a state of limbo with regards to our future generations? I bet you know perfectly well how all Ghanaians clearly feel about the state of the country presently. Many are tossing the question of ‘wa...