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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Five unpredictable wildlife in Africa, dangerous ones included

The trending BBC news article titled, ‘There are no giraffes in Ghana’ came as an amusing display of glaring ‘faux pas’ on the part of Delta in their World Cup tweet that tagged Ghana with the Giraffe. But honestly, people from other continents deem Africa as a tropical rainforest where it’s still possible to locate cave men, mammoths and things of the like. Whew! Tha...


Last chance or more chances for Africa in Brazil 2014?

Already people and asking one another “Charlie, what dey go on with Africa in this World Cup?” and the obvious response has been “Shiee! at this point in the Brazil 2014 tournament, it doesn’t look pretty for Africa”.  So far, African teams have not been able to shake their opponents to the core yet let’s remain undaunted. Let’s urge our teams on and challenge th...


No black magic, no goals for Brazil 2014

World Cup is here again and already Cristiano Ronaldo is alleged to have been placed under injury spell by Ghana’s popular witch doctor, Nana Kwaku Bonsam to rid the Black Stars of Ghana from his world acclaimed skills in soccer. Will black magic be able to haul African teams far enough to bring the Cup to Africa or its just a fallacy? Hmm… we shall soon know what seasoned ...


Unraveling the mystery of Egypt’s most powerful and most beautiful Queen:Nefertiti

I was once admiring a tall slender lady who had her hair pulled back in a bun. She wore a dark brown tank top and a patterned skirt so long that it swept the floor as she walked past. The sway in her hips depicted one of a liberated mind; confident yet relax and  graceful. I commented on her glamour to the one next to me. He smiled and also remarked “She looks like the anci...