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Remembering the overthrow of Dr Kwame Nkrumah

If there’s a word that humanity does not really appreciate then it’s no other but the word dictatorship. Is dictatorship good for a country’s development? I will leave that for you to decide.. This however, is not exactly what we discuss today  but in a way, it inspire today’s piece of writing. Precisely, it is to remind all of one eventful day that is celebrated in si...


The ultimate LOVE myth debunked

Opinions out there on Valentine’s Day celebrations are diverse and interesting. Amateur ‘love birds’ are drunk with the effect of love; well managed love relationships of decades get reignite with gifts of roses, chocolates and surprise parcels; whereas the unfortunate ones tired from tonnes of unsuccessful love escapades deem it pointless. The old and young alike are co...

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What if Africa was NEVER colonised?

Nigerian writer Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani posed an interesting question in her article ‘letter to Africa: Black Beauty” on BBC. Nwaubani in her article noted, “I have made it a habit of asking my fellow Africans from different countries what they think would have been the lot of our continent if slave traders and colonisers had never set foot here”. To this query, some s...