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Why has the utmost gift of Africans become repugnant to them?

The debate on whether the natural African hair is attractive or not has been ongoing for over a decade.  Indeed, there are some people who have embraced the natural hair trend despite the many obnoxious talks about the natural kinky hair craze. And there are also the group of people who find it utterly unattractive and take a superstitious stance to discourage fans of natural ...


Tragedies are not common to only Africa

The belief that Africa is cursed has become a thought making rounds for decades and regrettably, some Africans have embraced this fate. Mustapha Jimah’s article titled ‘Is Africa a cursed continent?’ suggested that the havoc wrecked by Al Shebab, Boko Haram, inter-tribal, political conflicts among others plaguing the continent makes him wonder if the continent is not curs...

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