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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Why parents must champion their children’s dream

There’s a lesson to learn from Emmy Award winner Uzo Aduba in connection with how parents manage their children’s passion to reap the utmost benefit for the child; an indirect honour for the parent as well. To briefly introduce this August American actress – Uzoamaka Nwanneka Uzo Aduba was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of Nigerian parents of Igbo origin....


No plastic, no filth crusade

The month of July brought news on mid-year budget review, Dumsor management and its challenges, strategies to stabilise the fall of the cedi against foreign currencies, second lady and headmistress chalk saga etc and a possible ban on the use of plastic in the country. Then just a week or two after the announcement of a possible ban on plastic, Ghana is named the 7th dirtiest c...

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