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Give me back my Christmas

Christmas season is indeed a beautiful time and one cannot deny the fact that it is contagious; even the atmosphere obeys it. My Paddy next door (friend) was right after all, to say that, regular food eaten all year round strangely tastes special on Christmas day.

But permit me to ask you this question? What makes Christmas special to you? – The essence of the season means many things to many people as some deem it:

- A time of reunion with family and friends
- A time to appreciate God for the grace to have ended the year safely
- A time to remember the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ
- A time to let never ending feuds slide past as you look your offender in the eyes and say, ‘I forgive you’.
- A time to show goodness to people around you – the poor and rich alike.

Actually, the list is in exhaustive but we must end somewhere.

And here we have The General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi issuing a strong warning to members of the church against celebrating Christmas. He stressed the fact that the annual celebration of Christmas is idolatrous and unscriptural. Hence, partaking in the celebration made Christians to go back from the commandment of Jesus Christ.Black_Christmas

Whew? – Such a joy killing rant … If this is really a message to go by, then the entire world has wronged the creator of the universe for a really long time but, that is that about the message from Deeper Life ‘Pope’.
Now back to this Season of Goodness, irrespective of one’s belief, it is important to always consider the fact that one’s action does not harm the person next door.

Yet, the one thing that is inevitable in the world remains the fact that, there are just two people existing in the world, good people and bad people – and you pretty much know where you fall.

So ask yourself, amidst the hullaballoo of Christmas regardless of your faith; are you being good to the helpless? Besides, that is the whole point of the birth of Jesus Christ, the reason for which this season has remained relevant to this very time.

And after you have shared your goodness to warm the anxious hearts within your reach, relish this season knowing that you are being true to yourself and your creator.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!

3 comments on “Give me back my Christmas

  1. “It is important to always consider the fact that one’s action does not harm the person next door.”It´s only proper that talent and goodwill be acknowledged,so,I say congrats to the writer for sharing this message with as all this Christmas.likewise,positive criticism is equally accepted so I only want to draw her attention to the extract above in quotation marks.I do not want to believe all the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of individual sins-innocent kids were victims too.We are social beings and as such our actions have effect on one another…