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Ivory Coast attack: Should Ghana be concerned?

Terrorism is gradually expanding its influence in the West African sub-regions; a very worrying phenomenon indeed. Quite recently, Islamic extremist Boko Haram who operated mostly in Nigeria and some parts of Cameroon were considered the main threat; but can we say that today? I doubt.

Mali was hit by African jihadi group attack last year November, Burkina Faso suffered similar fate in January this year and just yesterday Cote D’viore witnessed a blood bath that has plunged the country into mourning.


Ghana probably is the most shaken amongst the countries in the sub-region as two of these disasters stroke countries that it shares borders with (Burkina Faso to the North and Cote D’iviore to the West).

As the local parlance puts it “Se wote se agya ato w’nua abodwese mu a, na wasa nsuo esi wo die ho” to wit, one must be watchful when ill befalls a friend or a neighbour. The question is – is Ghana prepared to manage any such happenings ‘touch wood’ should it happen to us?

Most citizens already are living in fear of terror attack with the two Guantanamo Bay detainees in the country.

What are the security agencies doing to reassure Ghanaians as far their security is concerned in the face of increasing terror attacks across the sub-region?

Are assembly men, opinion leaders, the media, security analysts etc creating the direly needed consciousness among nationals and equipping them with requisite resources to avoid the near occasion of such happening or even how to manage it?

With the poor management exhibited in the transporting of victims in the recent ghastly Techiman accident, can we say that our health sector have ready and up-to-date equipment to save victims should an attack hit Ghana?

Living in a country where patrons (shoppers) just drop bags at checkpoints in malls without having them scanned, can we say we are safe?

Well, Ivory Coast attack may be a wake-up call for Ghana to aggressively address security concerns, especially when President Mahama has expressed his willingness and preparedness to combat terrorism during Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan visit.

The inevitable reality we must face as a people is that, we cannot treat terrorism with the usual reactive approach we usually take as a country because believe it or not terrorism has already knocked on our doors.

3 comments on “Ivory Coast attack: Should Ghana be concerned?

  1. I believe Ghanaians are more vulnerable than what has been happening elsewhere on the African continent. It is time we raise our security to other nationals and examine the attitude and lifestyle of some ghanaians who bear a similar faith and belief to the perpetrators of such evil character.

  2. Terrorism is pervasive now. Terrorist don’t need any reason to strike. They only want to unleash their terror on innocent victims. Burkina Faso, Mali nor Ivory Coast did not receive Guantanamo detainees, yet they have been attacked. Whether you have Guantanamo detainees or not you can be attacked by these senseless terrorist any time. The USA, France Britain, Spain, Turkey with all their intelligence and expertise have suffered serious blows from these hoodlums. Ghana security capos should up their awareness and begin to be proactive and let not forget that God can, as always, keep us safe from this barbaric terrorist.

  3. ´Hi Penelope!Do u know where your name takes me to? Ancient Greece! Now just a little bit of history…the Trojan horse as it is portrayed in Homer´s epic poem ¨The Odyssey¨ is not just to entertain us but I strongly believe it denotes WISDOM and CREATIVITY. Years of debilitating war outside the impenetrable walls of Troy helped Greece in no single way but rather killed its spirits though it was blessed with the likes of Achilles,a god amongst men. The war against terrorism to me is not a battle of arms. What we call terrorism to the supposed terrorist is an act of defending his or her ideas which like ours they also hold in high esteem. Wisdom is paramount when it comes to this and this can be made manifest if we understand what these people really stand for. You may say that everyone knows what they stand for,RELIGION, but I do not totally agree with that. Well,to most of the ignorant perpetrators (suicide bombers), it could be so but I strongly believe that it is more of an issue of power when it comes to the gang leaders exhibited inhumanely in the name of religion because religion is the opium of the masses and people get too emotional almost all of the time. Enough of bla bla bla. All I want to say in short is that the leaders of our sub region should apply wisdom in eliminating this destructive idea from the roots which has brought us nothing but more suffering and division as a continent of black people…Someone may ask but how? Well, let them think it out because that is what they are paid to do…Hasta la vista!